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Importing BeerSmith 1.4 Files in BeerSmith 2

How to transition your data files from BeerSmith 1 to BeerSmith 2. BeerSmith 2 lets you import and export BeerSmith 1 recipes and data to make your transition easy. BeerSmith 2 is a tool for...

Xiaomi Mi 5C Review

A full review of the Xiaomi Mi 5C. The Xiaomi Mi 5C is the first smartphone that features Xiaomi's in-house chipset, the Pinecone or Surge S1. It's another variant of the Mi5 family. The...

YouTube Playbook for Brands Ep 2/6 - A Content Creation Framework

Use a content creation framework to think about the different types of video content, and decide what is right for your brand and audience. Advertisers, find inspiration, insights and resources...

Quick fixes in mobile website performance

How to make quick fixes in mobile website performance and compare your site to the competition. Slides:

Best French Travel Finds French Travel Guide.Wouldn't it be great to have one? A real French Travel expert? Your own personal French...

Lemanak Iban Longhouse Part 4

A little over 240 kilometres away from Kuching lies a traditional Iban longhouse, popular with curious visitors looking to experience the Iban culture for a day or two. Named after the Lemanak...


Maybelline Commercial w/ Gerald Anderson

Newest promo of Maybelline visit at

Samsung Galaxy S4 Commercial - Quảng cáo Samsung Galaxy SIV (official).FLV

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